Subtle Motion
A clean, unique, minimalistic, stylishly, responsive and timeless design easily changeable to be used as a front for you or your upcoming product.
It uses a subtle scrolling background and vector graphics for the overlay. That way, it will scale nicely in all resolutions. Very easy to completely change the look by just changing a few things such as the overlay.
Included are a few example overlays, images and patterns (see the variables.less file) which you can experiment with to get different nice unique looks. I would recommend you just changing around and use different combinations to see how different and unique looks you can get.
I'm using LESS and Grunt to make it very easy to develop and make changes. Quickly see the result, as all boring tasks are already set up and done automatically when using Grunt. It will also create a deployable, production ready package, everything minimized and ready to be put online.
I've even added a simple Go file that, when compiled and run (no extra dependencies) will act as a web server providing an easy way to host the files. And, another one which enables working with the LESS files if you want to work directly in that way. Otherwise, the generated files can be opened as is in a browser.
This is just the beginning. I plan of updating this with time, but I thought I put it out there already to see the response and using the feedback I get to improve it. So, this will be an ongoing process, at no extra cost. However, price will increase with time as this will be improved and contain more and more great additions.
* Well documented, organized and clean code
* Fullscreen Backgrounds
* Fully Responsive Layout
* Subtle Scrolling Background
* HTML5 and CSS3
* JQuery 1.11.2
* Build with latest Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.2
* Using latest Font Awesome 4.3 (over 500+ icons)
* Light and dark themes
* Using scalable vector graphics (SVG)
* Using LESS and Grunt for development
* Uses Google Fonts (which automatically picks the best font based on what you are using to view the page witch)
* CSS3 animations
* Example images, patterns and overlays included.
* Using More-or-Less v1.5 mixin library for cleaner code, and more better multi browser (vendor specific) generated code.
* Easily customized (plenty of variables to change things such as timings for animations) * Simple Web Server source code included written in Go (Go is a programming language made by Google)
* Included simple batch and shell files to show how to run and/or build the optional Go web server
Change Log:
* V1.0 - Initial version
Credits and Resources:
* jQuery 1.11.2 -
* Bootstrap 3.3.2 -
* Google Fonts -
* Font Awesome 4.3.0 -
* Unsplash -
* UIFaces -
* More-or-Less 1.5.0 -

Planned Features:
* More overlays
* More backgrounds
* More layouts
* More themes
* Different background animations
* AngularJS support
* Expanding the page downwards for more information.
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Category: Landing Page
Version: 1.0.0
Bootstrap: 3.3.0
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Safari
Release Date: March 03, 2015