Deep Blue Admin - A dashboard / bootstrap admin theme in the blue color set

Deep Blue Admin Theme Information

This is an extended Bootstrap admin theme, which uses a blue color collection. This free theme consists of the following pages:

  • Dashboard, which is the main page. It contains dashboard widgets, which handle the task of data visualization for the theme.
  • Portfolio - this is a portfolio layout, which allows showcasing of work done, as well as additional text.
  • Signup - this is a standard sign up page, which is accompanied by social icons.
  • Register - this page allows user registration and includes required field icons.
  • Timeline - this page renders a time-based visualization for specific site events. This is useful for administration purposes or tracking scenarios.
  • Blog - this section of the theme renders a blog layout. A news feed section is rendered to the left, and blog articles to the right, along with social icons.
  • Forms - demonstrates most of the standard html elements and the way they are affected by the color scheme and css of the bootstrap theme.
  • Typography - shows how text is affected by the specific bootstrap theme, its fonts and font sizes.
  • Bootsrap Elements - demonstrates the styling for each boostrap element - labels, badges, progress bars, containers and panels.
  • Bootsrap Grid - shows any specific overrides for the grid layout over the standard bootstrap settings.

The theme includes samples for ShieldUI's Chart and Grid components. These are used to handle data visualization in the dashboard section.
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